Children’s Nursery


We take the responsibility of caring for your children seriously. Each week there is one team leader assigned every Sunday. This lady is in the nursery from Sunday School through church. She organizes the workers and checks all the children in and out. This way when we have visitors the weekly team leader meets the parents when they drop off their children and when they pick up their children.

We have 3 rooms for the different ages. Babies, Toddlers, and 3-4 year olds. Please label any bottles or sippy cups and diaper bags. If there are any special instructions we should know about please inform the weekly team leader when you drop your children off. There is a sign in sheet provided where information can be recorded.

Beepers are available for those who would like them. We will work with your children to make them feel comfortable. We want you to be comfortable leaving your children in our care and welcome you to examine our facilities.