What about Online Giving:

In an effort to make it easier for you to honor God financially, and to support Calvary Baptist Church, we’ve made a safe and secure way to give.
     1. First and foremost, this option is to promote financial stewardship for those who have decided to follow Jesus.
     2. Secondly, some people in our church family are home-bound or shift-workers, and don’t feel very comfortable sending their money through the mail.
     3. Thirdly, we’ve chosen to provide online giving as a convenient and flexible means to pay for events; learning materials, camps, etc.

How to Give Online

Pay online with a debit/credit card or echeck!

Understanding the Categories

Tithe and Offering

This is the category to choose for regular weekly tithes and offerings. We believe that every believer should obey the scripture and be faithful in the area of tithing.


We desire to give more in Missions every year! Money given toward “Missions” goes toward any and all outreaches we do at Calvary Baptist Church. These monies are designated for events/people that spread the good news of Jesus Christ in practical, tangible ways. We like to refer to this category as an investment opportunity; after all, we’re looking for a return on our efforts!


This option goes to support those in need in our community. From food to clothing and even shelter, we are careful and follow a strict plan to ensure that these funds are best used for God’s glory and a hand up to someone down.

Building Fund

We still have a sizable mortgage and one of our goals is to pay-off the existing loan and to be debt free so we can put our resources into helping transform people’s lives. We would ask you to consider helping us to retire our mortgage debt. When you give to our Building Fund we will add the amount to our monthly payment. We currently pay $1000.00 extra per month as a principle of faith! If you’ve committed to help Calvary Baptist Church breakthrough in this area, then be sure to choose this category when you give.

Poulin Work Fund

This fund directly supports our Missionary Johnmichael Poulin who serves in Peru with his family. They are making an eternal impact in Peru. He is making disciples and helping them grow in Christ as he plants new churches.